Digital Marketing Consulting

1 Hour Concept Consulting

The 1-hour Concept provides small business owners and non-profit founders an opportunity to ask any digital marketing questions and receive an affordable consultation in 60 minutes.
Feeling overwhelmed with digital marketing? Not sure how to get started? Talk to us once and get clarity on your digital marketing effort today

How It Works

We join the call and discuss your business challenges and marketing goals. We answer your questions live on the call based on the info you provided.


  • Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Search Engine Marketing (Google & Bing Ads)

  • Search & Social Ad Account Review

  • Audience Research & Strategy

  • Keyword Research & Strategy

  • Landing Page Optimizations

  • Ad Copy Strategy

What You Can Expect

  • In-depth discussion of your marketing program based on the information you share on the call



About Us

Linh Lanh and Sara Brodowski are seasoned marketing consultants who are comfortable with the ins and outs of PPC and Paid Social marketing. Their past experience includes successfully managing complex campaigns for Fortune 500 brands at various media agencies in NYC. They leverage their experience working with large companies to help small business owners and non-profit founders find their competitive edges, achieve higher revenue, and gain more support for good causes. Contact them today, and learn how they can help you.

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